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ExploreWellness.world was started to help people be proactive regarding their health so they can lead happier and more productive lives. Unfortunately, our modern culture can lead to unhealthy habits and chemicals that cause physiological imbalances that cause illness and keep us from feeling our best. I specialize in providing an impactful educational tool that looks at each person’s cell conditions to understand why these imbalances are occurring. Armed with this information, my clients can be proactive and preventative regarding their lifestyle choices. If needed, we offer supplements that are targeted to assist the body in healing itself. Our supplements are Doctor formulated, high quality and plant-based ~ they get results and you get to watch the healing!

Detox the Cell to Get Well

Our services include Live Cell Conditions (Analysis), Ionic Foot Baths (Detoxing) and the Photon Sound Beam (Pain Management/Detoxing/Healing). By experiencing our services, you will get the benefit of a proactive plan customized for your current cellular conditions. We assist the body in making corrections so that your own immune system can take over the building and repairing process.

While we are very focused on the health products and services we provide, it is our level of customer service that truly sets us apart. We believe in listening to the personal concerns of each client and offering solutions that make sense for their situation. We know that our products and services can make a significant change in your health…just visit my testimonial page to hear some of my customer’s comments.

The investment you make in feeling better is an investment that pays dividends in every aspect of your live. Our prices are very affordable and our pricing structure is straightforward.

How healthy are you on the cellular level?
Do you have unexplained symptoms?
Does your family have a history of heart disease?
Are you experiencing digestive or bowel issues?

ExploreWellness.world can help.
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