Working with Jeanette changed our lives. Employing live cell analysis, Jeanette could identify underlying health challenges for both my daughter and me. Using targeted natural supplements, enzymes, chelating minerals, herbal tinctures, pro & prebiotics we were able to reestablish my daughter’s immune system and our health. Jeanette’s kind and optimistic demeanor has been invaluable as we navigated a complex and serious health condition. Her willingness to answer questions and research those that need more assessment is reassuring. In addition, Jeanette works closely with practitioners to present additional treatment options to her clients. I credit Jeanette for helping to identify the early indicators of potential blood cancer in my daughter and helping us gain control over the situation.
Betsy W.

Jeanette offers a very Professional Service.
Dr. Dennis A.

Jeanette was enthusiastic, informed, and technically on point in reviewing my live blood cells. More importantly she made it easy to understand the specific health strengths and conditions that warrant some correction. This was one of the most useful diagnostic tools I have seen. To be able to look on a screen at your live cells in the moment and begin to comprehend what is going on inside your cells is remarkable. I highly recommend this to anyone serious about their health long term, and to also understand which supplements you should be taking, why, and for how long to bring the desired changes needed for your body to rebuild itself.
Paula L.H.

Jeanette is superb in discovering the condition of your cells (and your health) right in front of you! I got a microscopic view of my live blood cells in the exact moment!! It was amazing to “see inside of me”!! Jeanette is spot on with her diagnosis and treatment! Improve your health and wellbeing with a live blood cell analysis. Explore YOUR wellness!
Andrea H.

I have used the service and have discovered many things doctors never told me about my diabetes. If you want to learn more about your body give it a chance to heal, come see this lady ASAP for the formula is simple and she is magical. Highly recommend the services.
Freddy S.

For the last 3 years, I have been using supplements based on the results of my blood cells. I experienced Jeanette’s Live Cell Consultation first hand while visiting Florida. To sit there and view my blood was exciting, interesting and revealed a few health concerns. Everything health-wise has improved. My monthly supplement plan is so reasonable. I am so grateful I found Explore Wellness. Thank You Jeanette for the alternative and holistic health service.
Deanie G.

After listening to Jeanette speak on the benefits of blood analysis, I decided to give it a try. The experience was not something I had ever undergone before and I was captivated by watching my live blood cells, as they floated in front of me on the monitor.

Jeanette explained to me what I was observing on the monitor, as well as the pros and cons of my blood cell activity.

One of the observations that Jeanette pointed out to me was the evidence of plaque intermittently dispersed in-between many of my cells. This did not surprise me, as I’ve struggled with high cholesterol for years.

At the end of my session, Jeanette gave me her evaluation of what she saw and what I could try doing about some of the issues she observed. As aforementioned, Jeanette suggested trying a supplement called Oral Chelate to tackle my LDL cholesterol. She also suggested other supplements for a few other issues, however, I decided to take the Oral Chelate, for the required two months before having my annual blood test at my doctors office.

Much to my surprise, my Lipid panel came back with a 43 point drop in my overall cholesterol score, which to date has never happened!

I am so excited about being able to really do something about my health and love knowing a simple blood analysis is the key to keeping on top of it.